Friday, 24 September 2010

An online diary of sorts

I spend probably 1/3 of my waking hours on the internet, and I somehow doubt I'm alone in that fact. I'm also quite new to the further reaches of the internet, this being one of them. I used to just frequent probably a collection of 10-15 websites daily and sort of rotate between them hoping for something to pop up and amuse or entice me into reading and delving further.

I'll probably use this blog to ramble inanely and if you see no cohesion in what I'm saying or in my sentence structure, it's because it's intended that way, well at least as of now 10 seconds into my blogging experience, its a sort of blog solely for my fingers, abject of any real thought, just letting them type away regardless of content. I suppose one can think too much about what to put into one of these things, and then you never get past the first sentence or even the title of the blog, I just went onto wikiquote and found three words that made sense and voila, blog title sorted.

I've known about blogspot for a while and it initially did seem a fascinating medium for spring-boarding your ideas to a community. It's taken me 2 minutes to set up and probably 30 seconds to ramble to this point in the text, which if your still reading, thanks, but there's no actual point to this first post. Maybe in the future I'll plan to talk about something topical and relative to the chaotic world we live in today, but alas, this is not one of those times. I'm not even half-decent at writing, I shamefully haven't read a book in at least a year and even prior to that crime-fiction or sci-fi was probably by choice of literature, not the most cultured choice of book I'm sure you'd agree. What I'm probably getting at here is the fact I'm no academic and my work here is not intended to be some profound blog whereby new ideas and and revolutionary thoughts are being pioneered behind the scenes, in fact I still haven't a clue how I'm going to actually get people to click onto the url, which is my first point of call if this thing is going to take of.

Perhaps I'll go for the 'trap' method I see on youtube. Generally these are for more get clicks get money sites, rather than blogs, but hiding my url in a mask and throwing it into a RWJ or sxephil video under the guise of 'jessica alba home video!!' may get me more clicks than showing my 387 facebook friends the link via my status bar, as this seems the only method I've conjured up thus far, that or write something people actually want to read and then it'll self-promote, lightbulb over head moment there. I don't want  to ramble too much as it's rather off putting, even to myself, so I'll close this disastrous first post with a hello, thankyou and goodbye.

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